Vegan Eats, Treats and Wares

Where can vegans go to support Black-Owned eateries? We’ve got some tips below.

Please consult the Directory for a map and more contact info.

Photo from Epif

Photo from Epif vegan Pisco lounge

Updated 8.23.19

1) Epif is a vegan restaurant/pisco lounge featuring South American (primarily Peruvian) food. Chef Ant, who is Afro-Latinx, started it as a pop-up and it opened up a brick-and-mortar location last year.

2) Bliss House pop-up events- there doesn’t seem to be anything happening over Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week, but check out their event page for upcoming pop-ups. Chef Salimatu Amabebe does 4-course Nigerian vegan dinners and other dinner events.

3) Ethiopian restaurants – all of Ethiopian restaurants listed on our East African eateries list provide a variety of vegetarian dishes. Some restaurants are more specific about vegetable dishes being vegan than others. It’s best to check the menu or ask what can be made vegan before ordering to confirm there is no ghee or butter used in some dishes or in their injeri (bread).

4) Black Street Bakery – vegan baking pop-up, both sweet and savory items. They will be selling at the Jade Night Market on Sat. 8/24. Check out their events listings.

5) Akadi – this West African restaurant has several vegan dishes and entrees. Their menu will make you hungry, so plan your visit now.

6) Black Star Grill (also W. African–Ghanaian–open M-F only) also has several vegan dishes, cooked with palm oil and not butter.

7) Coffee shops – we haven’t checked, but would be shocked if they did not offer plant-based milks and creamers at: Elevated Coffee, KISS Coffee, and Deadstock Coffee.

8) Fuel Cafe has a vegan scramble and soy milk for their sides (oatmeal, etc.) and a delightful selection of mimosas to wash it all down with.

9) Meals 4 Six Inch Heels – vegan and other healthful bowls for late night delivery only.  This is black queer woman-owned and created for sex workers, but is available for anyone wanting late night healthful delivery! Orders through Instagram only.

10) Oregon Public House – lots of vegan entrees and snacks on their menu.

11) Markets: there are lots of African and Caribbean markets listed in the directory that you can support.

12) Other cocktail/drinking options: Abbey Creek Winery; Olive Or Twist; Santé Bar (we can’t speak to there being vegan foods at these).  The Blue Room Bar (sports bar) on SE 82nd allows you to bring in foods from the Cartlandia cart pod, which has lots to choose from.

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