Support Black-Owned Restaurants – Portland

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Cason’s Fine Meats is back!

And even better than before. After closing in Kenton, Theotis Cason brings smoked treats, locally farmed meats and hot foods to NE Alberta.

Portland West African Dining

Slowly but surely, more West African dining options are opening shop (and opening pop-ups) in Portland. We have 3 options to recommend.

Caribbean Flavors of Portland

Tuesday is Caribbean day of Support Black Owned Restaurants Week. Enjoy flavors of Jamaica, Haiti or even the root influences from W. Africa.

East African Flavors of Portland

Wednesday is East African day of Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week. What better time to explore Portland’s thriving East African cuisine and culture?

Soul Food and BBQ of Portland

Thursday is Soul Food & BBQ day of Support Black Owned Restaurants Week, so save room. From chicken and waffles to rib tips, we’ve got you covered.

Fusion Flavors of Portland

We want to highlight some restaurants who creatively fuse their flavors, and also a few whose traditional cuisines *are* cross-culturally “fused.” 

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