Support Black Communities

BLACK LIVES MATTER. Every. Black. Life. This should go without saying.

We need to come together to lift up and support and celebrate Black communities and Black voices more than ever, who are:

  • Already disproportionately devastated on the front lines by COVID-19, both physically and economically;
  • Fearing for Black lives and police and state-sanctioned violence after SEVERAL recent brutal murders on top of a very long legacy of state sanctioned police violence.

How are you showing up in this moment for Black liberation? Non-Black people have been contacting us asking, “What can we do to show support?”

Let’s elevate the voices of Black leaders and contribute financially to help.

We recommend taking a look at the social media feeds of our Black-owned Business owners. Keeping a business going in the midst of terror (aka, Working While Black) is no joke. Our communities are WROUGHT.

Whatever your racial background is, below are some suggestions of how you can help:

Donate to Black & BIPOC-led Groups

Here are a few recommendations:

Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF)
Don’t Shoot PDX
Equitable Giving Circle
Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI)
Black United Fund of Oregon
Portland Equity in Action

Buy Extra

So many local Black-owned eateries are feeding people in need for free right now. If you have an income, BUY EXTRA from Black-owned businesses and eateries. Buy food for people in need. Buy gift cards. Tip heavy, extra heavy, send extra $ by Venmo or Cash or Paypal.

Buy Often

Keep it going! Commit to x number of meals out per week as you can sustain. We’re in for a very long haul.


Our social infrastructures are ravaged. We’re not going to tell you where to volunteer your time, but please consider volunteering for mutual aid and community-based, anti-racist organizations and projects. In times of hopelessness, it’s heartening to make an impact and work together.

We can also use your help to make sure we’re better promoting, updating and listing Black-owned Restaurants.

Photo by @rew_and_you

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