Aug. 26 – Sept. 1, 2019 is Support Black Owned Restaurants Week!

93  eateries.

7  days.

Support Black-Owned Restaurants Week: Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2019 | PDX

This year’s event has passed. For the 6th year in row, we featured Portland’s black-owned eateries.  

Please stay tuned for next year’s information, and in the meantime:



All week:

$5 chicken sandwiches are available at Dub’s St. Johns – at Marie’s.

DB Dessert Company is offering Buy-1-Get-1 for 50% off all Crazy Shakes.

Photo: DB Dessert Company Crazy Shakes

Monday, August 26 — Theme: West African dining

Tuesday, August 27 — Theme: Caribbean flavors of Portland

Wednesday, August 28 — Theme: East African dining

Thursday, August 29 — Theme: Soul food & BBQ

Friday, August 30 — Theme: Fusion Friday

Friday Entertainment:

Saturday, August 31

Saturday entertainment:

Sunday, September 1

Sunday brunch:

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We keep the directory of black-owned eateries up to date with news of openings and closures, so you explore and support Portland black-owned eateries all year long.

  • Know of new openings? Please submit a listing!
  • Are there businesses that have moved or closed? Please let us know.


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